is a R&D consultancy company specialising in technologies to support and enhance quality of life. We provide hardware and software solutions to monitor and understand the type and nature of activities taking place in a home or any building.Our technical team has over 20 years of experience in R&D focussed on embedded systems, sensor technologies, machine vision applications, and data analytics. The team has successfully managed several multinational R&D projects. Kyenom has a R&D presence in continental Europe and the Far East.

Our portfolio comprises:
Mobile device apps to improve well-being.
Sensor-driven safety solutions.


We create 'smart' technologies to enhance quality of life; empowering people to make informed choices about their health and well-being, safety and security.We provide hardware and software solutions to monitor and understand activities taking place in a home.

Assistive applications

We are evaluating ICT-based support tools for carers; tools targeting the family carers or professional carer who care for people living with dementia. The tools include an easy-to-use audio-video communication, a messaging service, and fun activities. These tools are offered as 'apps' for mobile devices.

Intelligent sensing

We have a number of projects in this area, ranging from novel sensing devices for smart (instrumented) homes. We offer a range of computer or table-based applications for remote monitoring and remote assessment for health and well-being. As well as the tradition unobstrusive sensors, we are able to provide multi-modality sensing capability to the smart home for increased reliability.

Data analytics

Making sense of your data! You may have lots of data you wish to analyse! We can help develop tailored application for analysing your data. On such project is gait analysis as a predictor of fall in frail older persons


1. Monitor environment with sensors

2. Process and combine data

3. Learn abstract behavioural information

4.Anticipate change in behaviour.